Gorgeous El Paso Home

Gorgeous El Paso Home
12949 Hueco End Dr, El Paso, TX 79938

Property Details
Size: 1,880 sqft
Lot: 5,758 sqft
Bedroom: 4
Bathroom: 3
Garage: 2
Built: 2011
Access: Appointment
Price: $16,900
Monthly Payment: $1,250/month
60 Months
Total Payment: $153,229

Gorgeous 2-storey El Paso home in a fantastic residential area!
Seller financing deal with all monthly payments going towards the purchase price 
$16,000 assignment fee and it’s yours 
Comps at $165,000
Price $153,229
Monthly payments $1,250
5 years 
Taxes and insurance are included in the monthly payments

-Open escrow with $3,000 nonrefundable earnest deposit with a cashier’s check made out to our title company of choice; please contact us for more details.
-Wholesalers + Realtors Please ADD your Fee before sending out.
-Cash, Hard Money only.
-Property comes in “AS-IS” condition.
-Buyer pays all closing costs and escrow fees.

For More Details:
☎ Call 214-519-8911
📧Email support@trustedcashoffer.com if interested

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