Land in El Mirage!

Land in El Mirage!
13406 N B St, El Mirage, AZ 85335

Property Details
Size: 9,296 sqft
Access: Appointment
Price: $39,500

Has sewer and city hookups ready. It’s a scrape/ junk remove and build type of play. Lots of activity of new builds and investors buying existing structures. Wont last!

-Open escrow with $3,000 nonrefundable earnest deposit with a cashier’s check made out to our title company of choice; please contact us for more details.
-Wholesalers + Realtors Please ADD your Fee before sending out.
-Cash, Hard Money only.
-Property comes in “AS-IS” condition.
-Buyer pays all closing costs and escrow fees.

For More Details:
☎ Call 623-439-5702
📧Email if interested

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  1. Is there any squatters on the land? What is the physical address .?is the land assesable fromhi way? How many miles from Phx az.

    1. Hello Ozzie!
      No squatters on the land
      Physical address is 13406 N B St, El Mirage, AZ 85335
      Yes, it is accessible from the highway, it is near 101 and the 60
      It’s about 10 miles NW of Phoenix.

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